Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Nibble in the big tree

“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.” 
- Ralph Ellison

Hello my dear friends and happy Tuesday to all.  It's a rainy one for us here in Southern Ontario and that is simply great.  After a very dry May, the rain is great.  All the plant life around me loves it.

The kitties and Nibble maybe not so much.

Ah little Nibble. For the last three days Nibble has been spending most of his days up in the big locust tree.

It's been a little nerve wrecking at first to let him do that but he was becoming seriously dissatisfied with spending most of his days in the cage. Watching him trying to chew his way out of the cage every waking moment of the day was a little more than I could handle and so I decided to give him that freedom he so desperately wanted. Who am I to decide what a squirrel needs?

Over the last couple of weeks he's been progressing quite well. He learned how to crack nuts, got himself addicted to peanuts for few days, discovered sunflower seeds, got himself addicted to those and finally discovered strawberries and juneberries. And he grew, oh he grew and with his physical size grew the appetite for the great outdoors.

That is why this past Saturday we allowed him to explore up in the big locust tree in our yard.  Oh my goodness, if I ever had any doubts that he can navigate the branches of the big tree these doubts were gone right there and then.  I've never seen Nibble move this fast.   He was born to live in the trees.

All fun aside, don't worry, he is not ready to leave us just yet.  Every time I let him out to play in the big tree, I leave his cage somewhere close to the trunk.  I prop the cage's door so that he can go in and out but anything bigger than him cannot.  Nibble goes up into the tree, stays there for several hours and when he's had enough he comes down and goes inside his cage.  By himself.  No kidding.

I know the day will come when he'll be ready to move on and he will not come back.  That will be a sad but victorious day.  Squirrels are meant to be free.



  1. I'm glad that Nibble's wild nature is asserting itself. That bodes very well for his future.

    1. Oh yes, I have great hopes for him :)

  2. Like a true mom, Kamyria, you know that sooner or later our young must leave the nest and venture out on their own...especially if our baby is a squirrel named Nibble :)

    I redid an old blog that is now my new blog...you were a follower on the old one so if you no longer wish to follow the new and improved one I wanted you to have the option to remove yourself...no hard feelings if you do :)

    Hugs, Jan

    1. Thank you Jan. :) I wouldn't think of not following your blog, I very much enjoy reading your posts. I checked and it shows me as a member so we're all good. :)