Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Kitty Corner: Does your cat scratch around the food bowl?

“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” 
- Leonardo da Vinci

Hello my dear friends and happy Friday! Yet another weekend is upon us and I couldn't be happier. Just less than two weeks left until the end of this school year and just over a week until summer solstice.  Yay!  Exciting times. :)

So what about them cats?  Why do they scratch around their food bowl?

 Not every cat does that but Hercules surely does.  After he finishes his food he'll scratch all around his food bowl as if he was trying to bury the leftovers.  Sometimes he'll give just few scratches and other times he'll stay there for couple of minutes scratching from each and every side several times over.  Now there is something worth noting.  He doesn't do this every time and he does this only to his wet food bowl.  I've been trying to figure out whether this activity is connected to a particular wet food or maybe how he feels about the particular food but there appears to be no common denominator.  To a mere mortal such as myself, this appears to be completely random.

I think this activity is instinctual.  In the wild cats try to hide/bury the leftover food to protect it from scavengers. Today's domestic cats, even though they don't need to do this, may have retained this innate behaviour from their ancestors and some demonstrate it to our amusement.

Now, I did say some cats do not do this.  Oliver never, ever scratches around his food bowl.  



  1. Our cat Doodles does this with the water dish, he looks like a horse lol. It makes a horrible mess of the floor. I think he does it because it's like a tic, he also gnaws on things when he gets anxious.

  2. One of our cats, since passed over the Rainbow bridge, did this IN the water bowl. As soon as it was filled he would come running, and water would be flying.
    My daughter decided to see what would happen if she added ice cubes. He howled, he yowled, and he 'killed' every single ice cube dead......... I laughed until my sides ached!

  3. Our kitty Mr. Midnight does this all of the time! He also does this after he has vomited as well to, as you have noted, instinctually "bury" something.

    Have a great weekend, my friend!

  4. Her Royal Highness used to scratch around her water bowl and then pull it out into the middle of the floor to drink. She didn't scratch around her food dish but she was a messy eater. Kibble everywhere!

  5. The cat I used to have could only have dry food (not meat) as she was diabetic.
    Loved the picture and write up.