Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Scrambled Ramblings

“The rain to the wind said,
You push and I'll pelt.'
They so smote the garden bed
That the flowers actually knelt,
And lay lodged--though not dead.
I know how the flowers felt.” 
- Robert Frost


Yes, we finally got it yesterday and it was a topic of conversation everywhere I went.  Complete strangers talking to each other at the grocery store, exclaiming their satisfaction with much needed water coming from the sky.

Angelina and I were running some errands when the worst of  the storm came and got completely soaked running through the parking lot.  Oh, but it was heavenly!  It was still hot and the asphalt was steaming beneath our feet.  A good soak on a hot day.  Felt wonderful.

Today is quite a different story.  It's still raining but the temperature dropped to unreal 7°C. Apparently we will not get above 8 today and for the night we can only expect 5-6°C.  What's up with that?  How can we go from 30° yesterday to only 7-8° today?  Unbelievable.  The plants will love the rain but they won't like this cold.  Quite a nasty end to otherwise beautiful month of May, would you say?  I am not impressed.

Impressed or not, it looks like Mother Nature ordered a day for staying indoors and enjoying whatever home has to offer: read a good book, watch a good show and maybe even play a video game.  I can't say that I suffer from lack of interests so I'll have no problem finding something to do indoors.  And then there is that laundry that has to be done.  Yeah.

Now I'm going to finish my morning tea.  Golden Monkey still has a lot to offer and gave me another flavourful cup.  Have a wonderful Sunday my friends.


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  1. I'm sitting, sipping my hibiscus blend, and shivering slightly... it suddenly dropped to the 50's (F) here!