Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Garden Update

“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece” 
- Claude Monet

It's been a while since I've updated on my garden and things have been growing like crazy. We've been hit with stretches of hot, sunny, summer like weather and most of my babies have been loving it. Lettuce is the only one that would prefer rather cooler temperatures. Poor things wilt and cry for help when the hot spell hits.

It's such a pleasure to walk around the garden and see everything bloom and grow.  My raspberries have been working very hard, putting out new shoots non stop and now they have started blooming as well. That means some fresh, sweet fruit is on the way!

 Strawberries have not been lagging behind.  They are full of beautiful white flowers which will turn into delicious fruit in less than a month.

Onions look like an army of little soldiers.  Standing on guard in the yard. :D

And here is the lettuce I've mentioned.  Romaine lettuce tolerates heat rather well, it's the red lettuce that is not having fun in hot and humid conditions.  It's growing in partly shaded area so that should help a little I hope.

My sweet peas and pea sugar pods are all out now and growing fast.  I can't wait till we'll be able to go and get a handful of delicious sweet peas for dessert.  Yes, dessert.  Angel and I love to go into the garden after dinner and pick some.

This year I'm growing my potatoes some in containers and some in the ground due to limited amount of space in my garden.  Potatoes are one of those veggies that  should not be grown in the same spot over and over again because they pick up diseases really fast.  The prime spot for my potatoes was used last year and so this year it's containers and a little sunny spot on the side of the house.  It will have to do.

They have already broken through the soil twice.  Last time as soon as they peaked through, I covered them up again with extra 2-3 inches of soil, peat moss and crushed leaves.  Now they are out again and this time I'll let them grow a little before I bury them again.  Potatoes grow in mounds of soil.

This long weekend I planted the brussels sprout plants into the ground.  We are expecting couple of super cold nights this week but brussels sprouts are very hardy and I'm sure they will survive with no problem. I love watching them grow.  They've been in the ground for just couple of days and I already see them getting bigger.  These guys are going to grow fast.

Remember my tiny wee tomatoes?  These sweethearts have been planted in March and have grown into rather handsome studs.  I was planning to get them into the ground this past weekend but because of the cold spell this coming week, I decided to wait a little while longer, possibly until Saturday.

Cucumber plants are not far behind.  They already have a month under their belt which means in less than a month we'll have our first yummy cucumbers.  Their big day will be Saturday as well.

And then there is zucchini.  I've planted six of these guys just in case some don't come out but they've all shown up for duty.  I only need four.  Looks like I'm going to do some gorilla gardening. ;P

Hopefully the cold spell which starts tonight is the last one for this season.  Tonight our temperatures supposed to drop to bone chilling 2°C and that is simply not fun for some of the veggies.  Mother Nature should put her bag of tricks away.   It's time to grow some food.



  1. Your garden is looking gorgeous! I'll be planting up some herbs and flowers tonight - tomorrow will be the onion sets and squash.

    Happy gardening!

    1. Thank you Jacqueline and happy gardening to you too my friend. :)

  2. Love your garden. It's looking so good. Eating my heart out here. Miss my back yard.

    1. Oh Mary, I'm sorry my post makes you miss your yard. I know I couldn't live without mine. ((Hugs))

  3. Awesome photo's . Thanks for sharing.