Thursday, May 7, 2015

For the love of dandelions

“Dandelions, like all things in nature are beautiful when you take the time to pay attention to them.” 
- June Stover

Do you like dandelions?

I do.

I love dandelions. In the spring, besides waiting for the trees to blossom, I also wait for the dandelions to bloom. To me spring really isn't spring until all the fields and lawns are peppered with little beautiful specks of yellow.

I don't like governments in general but every once in a while they do something good. Few years ago the Ontario government banned the use of cosmetic weed killers. Ever since we've had an explosion of dandelion population everywhere. To some people it's a nightmare, but I think spring time has never been more beautiful. I hope millions more grow.

I really don't get the North American fascination with pristine lawns. To me a perfectly manicured lawn is rather a sad sight because it's not natural and it lacks soul. It's a lawn grown on life support, pumped with toxins and fertilizers to ensure that nothing but grass grows there. Does that ever happen in nature?

I could go into details and talk about the benefits and various uses for the dandelions, how they are edible, very nutritious and good for our soil.  I won't do that today.  Today I want to tell you the main reasons why I love dandelions so much.

I love them because after a long and cold winter, we crave the spring time and the colours it brings. Dandelions, with their happy yellow faces are like little drops of sunlight embedded in our lawns and fields.  A field of dandelions is something breathtakingly beautiful.

I love dandelions because bees and other pollinators love them.  In the spring, dandelions are one of the first  and most abundant wildflowers to bloom.  They are an important food source for the bees until other flowers begin to bloom. Believe it or not, dandelions have a purpose just like anything else in nature does.

I love dandelions because no matter how much they are oppressed, mowed, plucked or sprayed with poison, they persevere and always come back.  They are nature's ultimate survivors.

I think we should take a hint from Mother Nature.  Dandelions have an important role to play and they are here to stay.

Pristine grass lawns are silly.  They always have been.



  1. A lovely post about a simple flower. Yes! I like Dandilions also.. A pleasure to read.
    Take care.

  2. I totally share your love of dandelions!
    My lawn it dotted with them, plus daisies, violets, bluebells and wild orchids.
    I would find a pristine lawn too boring, like you!
    Wild flowers are so this wonderful post.:)

    A Hug xoxoxo

    1. Thank you Ygraine! I'm so happy to find others that feel the same way! :)

  3. Love, love, love this post!!!
    I adore dandelions and when I see a field of these bright yellow beauties my eyes just drink in the beauty of Mother Earth~


    1. Thank you Jan! "Drink the beauty of Mother Earth"... I love this! How beautifully put!

  4. I love them too. I remember picking them for grandma as a little girl and she was always so sweet and accepting with my humble gift.

    1. Oh yes, I did that too for my mom. My daughter does that for me now. She's been giving me a dandelion every day when she comes back from school. :)

      I also remember picking them and making tiaras and crowns from them. Thank you for visiting Mary. :)