Friday, April 10, 2015

The Fog and the Thunder

“In nature, everything has a job. The job of the fog is to beautify further the existing beauties!” 
- Mehmet Murat Ildan

Good morning everyone and happy Friday!  We have all made it to the weekend.  I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow morning. 

In my neck of the woods we've been greeted by yet another very dark morning.  I think Monday was the last day when we saw a little bit of the sun and ever since, it's been doom and gloom.  To tell you the truth, had it been fall I wouldn't mind few rainy days in the row, it's part of the fall appeal, but once the growing season starts, sun is what we need the most. Prolonged darkness during spring is a sad affair and makes my seedlings cry.  I'm not even going to talk about the pain of waking Angelina up for school this week.

There are only two weather phenomena in the spring, when I don't mind the lack of sun and one of them is the fog. Dense fog is that one thing I always find intriguing no matter what season we are in. There is something magical about it.  You step out into the intense fog and it's like stepping into a brand new world.  Nothing around looks like it should, nothing is like it seems.  When the dense fog hits, I grab my camera and head outside if I can.  I want to capture this misty and confused world.

The fog is a child of Mother Nature, and like her is a great trickster.  The fog deceives your eyes and fools your skin.  Like a slithery snake it wiggles into every fibre of your clothing and penetrates the pores of your skin.  It finds its way into your home as well.  It's always cooler on the foggy day no matter where you are or what the thermometer says.

And what is the other weather phenomenon that I like?

It's the thunderstorm.  And especially the very first one of the season.  After many long months of brutally cold winter, it's almost comforting to hear the thunder roll in the air.  In my book, there is nothing that says spring more than a first thunderstorm. Since thunderstorms form when moisture, warm air and cold air are at play, forming thunderstorm means warm air is around and hopefully coming our way.

Yesterday was my lucky day.  We were blessed not only with a wicked fog that persisted through most of the day, but also with our first thunderstorm of the season.

It arrived last night around 10 pm together with pouring rain and gusting winds.  The rain knocked on all the windows, the sky exploded in white light and the thunder rolled through the air.

Angelina was thoroughly freaked out.

She doesn't like thunderstorms, while I love them with all my heart and I am always torn when they
come.  On one hand I want to console my scared daughter under the blanket somewhere in the dark corner of the house, and on the other hand I want to sit in the window and savour every moment and watch the light show.  Sometimes I even want to go outside and take pictures.

What is a mother to do?

Sometimes I'm lucky to find a happy middle.  Last night we read in bed while the worst of the storm raged outside and after we were done and I tucked Angelina to sleep, there was still enough thunderstorm left for me to enjoy while she was peacefully asleep.

Being a mom means compromising.  Every step of the way.



  1. We've another gray day here as well, but promises of sun and warmth headed our way. When I was a child I was so frightened of thunderstorms. My parents had told me that God was mad at me because I had done something wrong. What a horrid thing to tell a little child! Eventually, the truth was revealed to me and my fear abated.

    Needless to say, my fear was reinforced in my teen years when lightning struck a lamp in our home and my mom and I had to run for the car and drive around until the storm was over. Rubber tires meant safety. Today I have no fear of storms. The only thing that kept me from loving them was Miss Minga's fear. I felt so bad for her.

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Oh my, you are right... I would never tell my daughter something like that, but then again, we grew up in different times.

      Today pretty much all the homes are grounded so there is no real danger inside the home, unlike the old times. I used to spend my summers at my grandma's who lived in a tiny wooden home. The windows were always tightly closed during thunderstorms and we, the kids, we told to sit in the middle of the room to play, away from the windows and walls. I still found the thunderstorms intriguing though. I guess I've always had the taste for danger, lol. Thank you for stopping by Mary :)

  2. I love fog too (except when I'm driving in it) and thunderstorms (unless I'm outside when they happen). When I was a kid, we were told that thunder was Grampa Bunny moving furniture upstairs. Or Grampa Bunny bowling. I never heard any other Grampa Bunny stories though. Guess he was only a thunder rabbit.

    1. Ha ha grampa bunny... I like it

      I reminded my daughter yesterday of the story I read to her when she was much younger... that thunder was the giants up in the sky playing bowling... It was a story from Franklin when he was afraid of the thunderstorm and his friends were trying to comfort him. My daughter loved this story and yesterday it did comfort her a bit. :)

  3. Oh . . . how I love the fog and the thunder that brings music to my ears.

  4. Your photos are gorgeous, and I have to admit that I love cloudy days, rainy days, foggy days and thunder and lightning, as you long as it isn't severe. I have been this way ever since I was a little girl :) I actually sleep better at night when there is rain and thunder~