Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Scrambled Ramblings

Everything that slows us down and forces patience, 
everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help.  
Gardening is an instrument of grace.
May Sarton

Good morning friends and happy Sunday!  I hope the weekend is treating you good.

What a change in weather from one day to the next.  Yesterday around this time I was drinking my tea on the back porch and basking in sun's hot rays.  This morning it's quite a different story.  The north east wind has picked up and cooled the air dramatically.  Once again it's freezing out there. 

Oh well.  We have to appreciate what we have.  And yesterday we had a day of summer which I'm very grateful for.

I planted more veggies yesterday.  Specifically, I planted regular green peas and sugar pods.  I prepared a bed for them and planted them straight into the ground because they like cool weather and should be planted in early spring.  Last year we had an amazing harvest of green peas. Angel and I loved going down to where they were growing after dinner and picking a handful.  They were so sweet, tender and yummy.  This year I'm hoping for an even bigger harvest.

As things stand right now, this is what I have planted: tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, kale, green peas, sugar pods, broccoli, brussels sprouts, green beans, yellow beans, dill, onions and cayenne pepper. Kale, dill and broccoli are planted from my very own seeds.  Only tomatoes, kale, lettuce and cayenne pepper are out.  The rest I just planted earlier this week so they will take a day or two longer. I'm happy about the cayenne pepper because it needed 26°C for germination and I wasn't quite able to produce that in my office but it came out regardless.

Cayenne pepper seedlings

Yesterday was also a day of firsts.

We had our first BBQ of the season.  My hubby marinated chicken breasts in his own homemade mixture of liquids, herbs and spices and then grilled them.  We had the chicken breasts with a little bit of rice and a whole lot of salad.  It was delicious.

After dinner I decided to get my bike out and go for a first ride this season.  Angel and I biked to the nearest park where she had some kid fun on the swings and I sat down under the tree and read. Paradise.

Today I doubt we'll be barbecuing or going on bike rides but it should warm up to 10°C later and I will step out into the garden for a bit.  I am hoping to plant the first few potatoes.  It should be fun.  I hope the wind won't blow me away.

And now I'm going to steep myself a cup of tea, although I won't be having it outside.  That north east wind is not only cold but it's gusting to 50 km/hour.  Tea will be best enjoyed inside, while curling up on the sofa under a warm blankie.  



  1. You have quite a variety of vegetables planted. I hope the cold weather coming in unexpectedly doesn't damage your plants. It's wet and humid here in the Smoky Mountains today. Thunderstorms passing through, very high humidity, and temps in the high seventies. I will start my little garden once things dry out a bit.

    Looks like a nice area you live in there. I wondered if riding bicycles was safe for females, but I suppose in Canada it probably is.

    1. Oh no, most of the veggies planted are still in their planting containers and safe inside my home. I only take them outside when the weather is suitable. They'll be planted outside in May. The only things planted outside are the onions and the peas but those like cold weather.

      Yes, it's safe for us to ride bicycles around here. :)

  2. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    Interesting to know about the wide variety of vegetables you cultivate. This is amazing. I also love tea. The first thing I do in the morning is to prepare green tea and sip it slowly while reading the newspaper. At present we have a warm climate here.

    The chicken preparation looks delicious.

    You seem to live in a lovely pollution free surroundings.

    Best wishes

    1. Thank you for stopping by Joseph and nice to meet you! The area we live in is nice indeed, we can't complain. Thank you for the lovely comment. :)

  3. You made me hungry...encouraged me to take a walk...plant a free more wildflower if I could just teach my hubby to cook ;)

    Great post!!!

    1. That should read "few" not free :)

    2. Thank you Jan! I'm glad to have been a little bit of inspiration. This is what I love about blogging... how we inspire each other through our posting. :)

  4. Mmmm, those BBQ chicken breasts look DEE-lish! We're having a gorgeous day here -- sunny and 15 above!

    1. Thank you Debra! I hope you enjoyed the fabulous weather. :)