Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Scrambled Ramblings

“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair...” 

Good morning my dear friends!

While there are no wildflowers blooming in my neck of the woods yet, I will most definitely dance in the sun today.  That glorious sun that is back with us, gracing us with its life giving rays.  Welcome back Mr. Sun!

Today for the first time in a whole week I woke up to a beautiful sunshine which was very heart warming.  Presently there is not even one cloud in the sky and it looks like a beginning of a beautiful day.  We are expecting temperatures high in the upper teens Celsius which with the shining sun will be more than I can ask for at this time in the season.

The bitter cold of the past week is history.

Needless to say, I'll be spending today outside.  There is so much to do in my yard and my hands are itching to get dirty again.  Yesterday afternoon I already got started after the sun came out and warmed up our frozen world.  I came out swinging my hatchet and cleared up a bush shading one of my veggie beds.

Kitty cats have been enjoying the last 24 hours as well after being cooped up inside for almost a week.  Every day this past week Hercules was trying to persuade me to open the door and let him out.  He even thought that looking cute under my aloe vera would warm up my cold, cold heart.

It didn't.  So he went to snooze his sorrows away.  On the dryer.  Near the backyard door.

Yesterday both kitty cats were out and enjoying the sun, rolling in the grass and nibbling on some catnip that has sprouted to life.  Today they'll be going outside with me again, as soon as I prepare my morning tea. They are both already looking at me expectantly and running to the door every time I get up from the chair.   Bless their little hearts.  

And as to the tea, I'll be having it outside, on my porch, basking in the sun.  You can bet on that.



  1. Your kitty is darn cute. They have the best way of begging...those looks that one cannot resist. We've some nice weather here as well, and I'm about ready to head to the park. Have a good one.

    1. Thank you so much Mary. I hope you're enjoying the beautiful weather :)

  2. Ah . . . such an adorable kitty, as for catnip, I've actually picked my own, cleansed it, dried it, and brewed it for a cup of tea, for I find it so soothing to my senses.

    1. Oh, I've never had a catnip tea but have heard about it. I think I'll try it this summer :) Thank you Lon