Monday, April 13, 2015

Summer in The Spring

Gardening is a matter of your enthusiasm holding up until your back gets used to it. 
~Author Unknown

Good Morning everyone!

Brand new week is upon us and one thing is for sure: this week's weather will be much better than last week's.  I think we've turned the proverbial corner and I also think that after the winter we just had, we all deserve this improvement and some heat in the sun.

This morning I woke up happy but physically broken.  I can feel every bone and muscle in my body including the muscles I didn't know I had. My hands are dry and scratched up, and I swear I have a sliver still stuck on one of my fingers. There is also some dirt behind my fingernails which I'm trying to get out but it's easier said than done.

Broken but happy.

The reason for all of that is that yesterday we had a day of summer in the middle of spring and I was out all day playing in the dirt, and without gloves because I wanted to feel the Earth beneath my fingers.  I think we've hit 20°C or close to that and there was not a one cloud in the sky the entire day.  It was as perfect as it possibly could have been.  I made our first spring fire, continued with removing last year's vegetation, prepped some of the veggie beds, raked the leaves and finally planted some red and spanish onions.  Onions are one of the early spring vegetables which can be planted as soon as the ground is workable in the spring.  I prepared a soft bed full of nutrients for them yesterday and planted a whole bunch.  Angelina helped me with the planting process.

Both of the kitty cats were outside as well.  Hercules being the more adventurous one, decided it would be as good day as any to try and find some trouble, which he had no trouble finding (ha ha). He hopped on the fence, and from the fence onto the tree where he proceeded to cry because he was afraid to come down.  Ah, pussy cats.  Why must you be so scaredy?

Thankfully the rescue was only Angelina away because I was busy taking pictures and laughing. Don't worry, he was in no real danger.  At some point he came down close enough that she was able to get on her tipsy toes and grab him. Funny thing with cats in trees is that they are so scared and they try to find their way down but in the process they continue climbing.  They go from branch to branch, looking for a better alternative but all they find is higher and higher branches.  I am convinced that's how cats get stuck in the trees to the point where fire truck has to be called.  Thankfully, that has never happened to us.  Yet.

And you know what Oliver thought about all that.  You see, Oliver prefers a simpler life, with simple pleasures such as nibbling on the cat nip and laying on the warm deck.  You won't find Oliver climbing trees or engaging in other silly business like that.

Ahh, cats.  They are such individuals.

Today looks like a another balmy day in our hood.  It's predicted to warm up to 21°C with sun and some clouds in the sky followed by late afternoon thunderstorm.  Another day of summer in the spring. Thank you Mother Nature.



  1. Such a wonderful family of beautiful and adventurous kitties...thank you for sharing this uplifting moment. Loved the photos :))


  2. Yes, this is precisely why I have never been a gardener. Your cats are gorgeous!

  3. Love your gorgeous little kitties. My Twinkie, Minga's daughter who ran away a long time ago, used to be adventurous like Hercules. One time she went up a tree and was afraid to come down. She tried, but missed her step and not only fell out of the tree, but fell onto the most vicious Tom cat in the neighborhood. Needless to say a vet trip was necessary after that one. Fortunately my little girl was okay. I miss those days.