Thursday, April 2, 2015

Out in the yard at last

"April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go."
~Christopher Morley,John Mistletoe

April is off to a good start.  Yesterday we were blessed with 7°C, the most amazing sunshine and I got to work in my garden for the first time this year.  It was a lovely day and nothing could have kept me from pulling up my sleeves and heading outside.  The snow was mostly gone, the ground was thawing and Mother Nature decided to keep her April Fools pranks to herself.  I thank thee for that.

There is so much to do out there.  In the fall I usually don't do much and let the nature take its course, so when the spring arrives, the garden is full of dead corpses of last year's vegetation.  Dead leaves and branches that fell during last fall and winter complete the chaotic landscape.  The good news is that I don't mind all this chaos.   I love to prep the garden for the new season, even if that means digging, pulling, raking and sweeping until my back begs for mercy.  And it usually does sooner or later.

Yesterday I cleaned part of the deck with rows of big pots where tomatoes grew last year. Their tall skeletons still stood sticking out of the dirt tied with a jute string to the equally tall wooden poles. Frugal lesson number one: save all the strings.  I usually tie everything with an easy bow knot and it doesn't take much to take it off.  Last year I needed two spools to prop up everything that needed to be propped and at $6.99 each that cost me $14 altogether.  This year I'll be spending $0.00, exactly how much I would like to be spending.

After dinner, Angelina came out to join me in the outdoor fun. She took of her socks and ran around the garden barefooted.  I miss feeling the earth beneath my bare feet.  Last year Angel and I spent most of our late spring and summer barefooted in our yard.  All the gardening I did was barefooted. Have you noticed how little of that people do these days?  Most of the people spend absolutely no time being directly in contact with Earth.  I happen to think that this connection is very important, something that shouldn't be ignored.

Today the temperature supposed to rise to an unbelievable 17°C but by the time I'll be able to get out into the yard and work some more, it supposed to cloud over, rain and thunder.  This is a bitter sweet news really.  I would love to be out there again, but will have no problem giving it up for this spring's first thunderstorm.  I love thunderstorms.  The bigger and more dramatic, the better.

At this moment the sun is out and the air is warming up quickly.  I will keep my fingers crossed. Warm afternoon in the yard again or wicked thunderstorm, Mother Nature decides.  I'll be happy with either.



  1. Hello Kamyria..How wonderful you are a gardener! I'm afraid to go barefoot cuz i'm afraid of stepping on something sharp. ha! But I love wearing sandals. Too much snow left here, though. I have to be patient. Take care and a blessed Easter to you! Susan

    1. And blessed Easter to you my friend! I hope the snow melts quickly for you. :)

  2. We've some beautiful weather here today as well. Tomorrow rain, but I will savor today. Have a happy holiday.

  3. I love connecting with nature and walking in the rain without any protection over my head, but then again, I'm a Witch.

    1. Oh, I love being out there in the rain. Especially during big pour downs in the summer, getting completely soaked. :)

  4. Isn't it wonderful how some chores after a long winter almost seem like fun :)
    Thank you for visiting my blog today...I have now become a follower here~


    1. Thank you for stopping by Jan! Yes, chores in the garden don't feel like chores at all. :)

  5. We're having rain again tonight but it's just drizzling. I built a fire in the fireplace. Wasn't really cold but on a dreary night it's comforting.

    1. Nothing like the crackling fire while rain beats against the window panes. :)

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