Thursday, April 16, 2015


"Don't tell me what I can't do!"
John Locke, "Lost"

Last night I watched the very last episode of Lost.  Six seasons and 121 episodes later I said good bye to a show that I thought started off pretty innocent but grew to the size of a monster that swallowed me whole.  The finale itself was 104 minutes long, almost like a movie in itself. All I can say about my experience is, "wow what a ride".

I picked up watching Lost around the time I got caught up with The Walking Dead in the beginning of January and wanted some new entertainment.  I don't watch regular TV but I do like to sit down, relax and watch something after dinner every evening.  Lost looked like interesting enough show and I love survival themes.

In a very short summary without spoilers, the show was about passengers of a plane that crashed on an inhabited tropical island.  The survivors realized quickly that no rescue was coming and they had to do whatever it takes to survive on their own.  Almost immediately strange things began happening. Where exactly did they crash?

Coming off of The Walking Dead seemed like nothing could quite measure up and fill the void. Indeed, Lost started off just okay for me but episode after episode kept pulling me in.  I wasn't exactly sure why but I needed to keep watching it and after the first season I was firmly hooked.

I have to say that I've never seen a show like this before.  Throughout the seasons the show was like a roller coaster ride.  Always interesting, sometimes borderline bizarre, at times shocking, increasingly emotional and sometimes confusing.  Yes, there were times I felt literally LOST but somehow it was very fitting.  I enjoyed being lost and trying to figure my way out.

I don't know exactly how else to describe it, but this show was very much like watching a big screen production in 121 parts.  121 part movie.  There was a beginning, very concrete and strong story development and in the end, a conclusion.  It wasn't hard to see why it had to end after only six seasons.  Its destiny was written into the script right from the start.

Lost contained elements of drama, adventure, mystery, fantasy, mysticism and survival.  All of that mixed together in a delicious concoction that tickled and satisfied my senses.  I think anyone that enjoys the above and feels deep spiritual connection with Mother Nature will love this show.  It was probably the only show that I watched that made me cry during AND after the finale.  That's right. After.

I realized there was a void in my heart where the island used to be.



  1. Hi Kamyria...I have not followed either of those series but I"m so glad you've enjoyed them! Susan

  2. You know, I've never watched either one of these shows. I tend to get caught up in a rut. Same shows over and over again. Reruns galore. Even hubby told me I have to expand my viewing. LOL!!!

    1. Mary, if that makes you happy then that's all that matters. After all, you watch to be entertained, right?

      Right now I'm trying to find something to replace Lost but I'm having hard time... I feel like I'm not ready to let it go.. I want to go back and re watch the first season.. lol

  3. I've never watched these series before, but now I wish I would have, for there are actually times I feel comfortable feeling lost.