Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Have you been fooled today?

"Here cometh April again, and as far as I can see the world hath more fools in it than ever." 
- Charles Lamb

Happy April everyone!

Where did the March go?  I have no idea, it seemed to have blasted past me at the speed of light.  All I know is that today is April 1st, the day of the fools, the jokes and the hoaxes.  I hope it treats you all well.

These days I feel pretty safe in my house on April 1st but in the past, it wasn't always so.  I am quite sure those days will return to haunt us once again when Angelina gets a little older.  When my oldest daughter Sara was a teenager I always had to watch myself on this date. She never forgot what day it was.  

Of all her April Fools trickery the one I remember the most is when she replaced our sugar with salt.  I was working for UPS back then, commuting 1.5 hours in mad traffic, and so I had to get up very early every morning to get there on time.   Let's just say that back in those days coffee was my life support.  Having just woken up, arriving in the kitchen with my eyes half closed, I needed coffee like I needed air.  And I got a good gulp of it.  A salty gulp.  Yuck.

One thought of comfort (if there is one to be had) is that today this would not work.  These days our sugar and salt look quite different from each other.  I use raw cane sugar which is golden in colour and Himalayan pink salt which is ... well... pink.  Back then though, salt and sugar we were using were both white.  Very white and very much undistinguishable especially by a half asleep mom.  

What exactly is April Fools Day and why is it so popular?  The funny thing on this funny day is that nobody seems to know.  I researched the history of the April Fools and the waters surrounding it are very, very murky.

Some historians suggest that April Fools originated in 1582 when France switched from Julian calendar to Gregorian calendar.  Back in medieval times in Europe the New Year's Day was celebrated on March 25 and in some areas of France the celebrations lasted whole week culminating on April 1st.  The coming of New Year was associated with spring equinox.  When the calendar was switched to Gregorian, the New Years Day was moved to January 1st.  Some people failed or refused to acknowledge this new date and they were the objects of jokes and pranks.  They were the April fools.

Some other historians suggest that April Fools originated in ancient festivals such as Hilaria which was celebrated in Rome at the end of March and involved people dressing in disguises.  It could also be possible that April Fools is connected with spring equinox and Mother Nature's trickery with unpredictable weather around this time.

Whatever its origins are, April Fools Day was popularized starting April 1st, 1700 by English pranksters who began devoting one day each year to playing practical jokes on one another.  It developed into a tradition that stuck to this day.

Have a safe and fun April Fools Day everyone!



  1. Today is a day to always look over your shoulder. I haven't been pranked yet but the day is young.

    1. Oh yes. Hopefully you got through your day in one piece. :D Thank you for stopping by :)

  2. Yes, I was playing my Facebook game this morning, Forbidden Garden, and just when I hit one of the buttons the game turned upside down. I kept pressing the button to fix it, and finally logged out and back in again thinking I had done something wrong. That in big print they wrote across the came, April Fools.

    1. Ha ha ha! That's a good one Mary! :D

  3. I had completely forgotten about April Fool's Day. But, since I won't be going off the mountain, I don't have to worry about anyone playing jokes on me.

    1. Good for you Harry. From now on I'll have to keep an eye on my youngest one. She is starting to get ideas. :D

  4. Oh no, I definitely wouldn't have liked the drinking coffee flavored with salt prank, at least not too early in the morning. My sister did get me really good this morning and I'm going to think of a really good prank for her next year... :)