Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Have Some Respect

“May the footprints we leave behind show that we’ve walked in kindness toward the Earth and every living thing.” 
-Inspired by Native American philosophy

Good Morning everyone and happy Hump Day!  I can`t believe we are already half way through the work week.  The way things are going, before we know the summer will be done and over with.  Oh no, lets not even entertain this idea.

On Monday the weather improved slightly and even though it was still chilly, the sun came out and I decided to go for a short hike.  I wanted to see the process of Earth waking up, the very beginning of sprouting, blooming and blossoming.

I found several flowers beginning to bloom and I stopped to admire them all.  Bloodroot was everywhere, the leaves gently hugging the stem, like elegant ladies in dresses with their hair done up (ha ha ha.. ).

As I continued my walk I noticed few other flowers, not so pretty but firmly embedded into the landscape.

The spot where the coffee cup was discarded was recently worked on, as part of trail maintenance I guess.   I could see sections of the trail were newly marked and soil rearranged.  I can imagine workers were hired to do that, brought some coffee with them and then just dumped the cups right where they were working?  Who does that?

Just a short distance away I found another one.  It seems like some kind soul tried to tuck this one away and make it seem invisible.  Sorry kind soul.  You failed miserably.

As I kept walking, I kept finding more of these alien flowers.  

I don't even know what it took to bring the shopping cart there.  It must have took quite a bit of effort dragging it through the steep and narrow pathways peppered with protruding roots.  This spot was far from the entrance of the trail.

Why is it that we insist to make the Earth our own personal garbage can?  Why is it that we have so little respect to the very Mother that takes care of us, gives us food and shelter?  Why do we insist on being so stupid?

I don't ever remember going into the woods, pulling out food or drink, satisfying my hunger or thirst and then just dumping my non biodegradable garbage as I walked on. Sure, if I was eating apple or banana that would be a different story.  That would be compost.  I'm afraid that coffee cups, plastic bottles, aluminium cans or entire shopping carts don't fall into this category.

Lets use our thinking caps a little more and show some respect to Mother Earth and her other numerous children.  Let's not litter every walking step with our artificial crap.  After all, this is the only home we'll ever have.  There is nowhere else to go.



  1. Yes Mother Nature does need respect,
    There is a quotation I picked up which says,"To have respect for others, we first have to have respect for ourselves".
    Great post.

  2. Litter is a real scourge. Apparently Tim Horton's cups are a main source of urban litter. They occasionally post a sign in their stores asking people not to litter but those who are ignorant are not going to be deterred by any friggin sign.

  3. Awesome photos. It's a shame that people have to litter. People just don't appreciate what we have.

  4. Yes, it really does sicken me to see how piggish people are in respect to Mother Earth. ... or shall I say LACK of respect!

  5. I see that a lot around here. I live by the Cave Run Lake and tons of visitors are in and out each week from all over the country. There are always a few that will always tend to do this with no conscious at all.
    I love the way you described the little flowers as ladies in gowns with their hair up. so cute!

  6. How rude!! This is natures turf!!