Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Garden update

Gardens are not created or made, they unfold, spiraling open
like the silk petals of an evening primrose flower to reveal the
ground plot of the mind and heart of the gardener
and the good earth.
- Wendy Johnson, Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, 2000

Good morning my dear friends and happy Tuesday.  I hope this week is treating you well.

Today we are finally seeing a change in weather from the pesky cold to more seasonal temperatures. I am so happy and I'm sure my seedlings will be as well since they'll be able to enjoy few days outside in the sun again.  The spring has returned!

Everything is growing so well.  Since I've shown you my seedlings last time, I've planted many more.

Here are some new developments:

Green bush beans and yellow bush beans have sprouted fast and furious.  Within few days they've grown really big and I can't wait till I'll be able to put them in the ground.  They think they are so ready but unfortunately the night temperatures are still too low to have them stay outside.  Cool your jets little ones!

Green bush beans
I've also planted the first batch of dill weed and first seedlings are now coming through.  These are from my own seeds I collected last year.  Once they mature, I'll be using the dill flower heads to make my cucumber dill pickles.  Yum!

Dill Weed 
I won't be able to make any pickles without some crunchy cucumbers.  My first batch of cucumbers have broken the soil and are beginning to grow their first true leaves.  I have about 10 cucumber seedlings right now but will be planting more in a week or so.

Brussels sprouts are one of my favourite plants.  Throughout the summer they grow many big, flavourful leaves which can be used in stews, soups or in a stir fry.  In addition at the end of the season they produce sprouts which are wonderful to eat on their own with a little bit of salt and garlic sauteed in the pan.  They are very cold hardy and last well into the winter.  I picked my last brussels sprouts from last season this January.

Brussels Sprouts
Outside in the yard I've planted onions, peas and potatoes.  Only onions have started showing so far. The peas and the potatoes will take a while longer.

Raspberries are sprouting all over the place.  There are so many new shoots breaking through the soil that it's hard to count.  I found couple in the lawn.  I'm going to have to put up some boards to contain these enthusiastic ladies.  On the plus side, we'll have a lot of raspberries this season.  I only planted the bushes last year and right off the bat we had a great harvest.  Looks like this year we'll have whole lot more.

Raspberry shoot
And let's not forget about the tomatoes, the lettuce and the kale.  They are all doing great. The lettuce and kale are not minding the cold and will be able to go into the ground very soon.  They are already spending most of the time outside.

(from left) Green Lettuce, Red Lettuce and Kale

Tomatoes are more delicate and like it warm.  I'm taking them out but only when the temperatures are in high teens and the sun is out.  They are growing very nicely.

Cayenne pepper seedlings are growing rather slowly but they are making some progress too.  The true leaves have now come out.

Cayenne Pepper
And last but not least, my little Royal Gala apple tree.  Looks pretty happy, don't you think?

Apple Tree
Today we are expecting a beautiful day.  It supposed to warm up to 18°C with full sun.  All my babies, including tomatoes,  will be coming out for some serious basking in the sun once it warms up sufficiently.  The warm weather is said to stay with us for the next several days.  I hope it's for good this time.



  1. Oh gosh, how you make me miss my garden, but when I realistically think about it, I'd no longer be able to care for it like I used to. Thank goodness for windows and window gardens. (I only had two windows in my last house and both had an AC in them). I've also planted dill. Not sure if it will sprout. It was part of the Chia set my friend gave me and the first time round there was no sprouting. Just tried again with good soil the other day. We'll see.

    1. I'm sad you can't have your outside garden anymore but I'm happy that you can grow your window garden. Let's keep our fingers crossed for your dill. Dill sprouts really easily, just give it a lot of light once the seedlings emerge. Good luck Mary :)

  2. Yes I miss my garden also. this was a grand post, well written and awesome pictures.

    1. Thank you Yvonne! I hope one day you can have your garden again. :)

  3. You must have a really good camera, because your pictures of the plants are professional grade. That's one of the things I enjoy about reading your posts.

    1. Oh, thank you Harry! Amongst other things I am an amateur photographer so I got myself a pretty good camera a while back. Just love taking these photos :)

  4. I'm growing lemon basil for the first time this year; thus far it smells luscious. Everything is ready to go here, except the weather, it's still a bit too chilly for planting out but I expect that to change in the next couple of weeks.

    1. Oh, basil has an incredible aroma while it grows. I still have to plant mine and I'm looking forward to smelling it all summer long. :) Nights are pretty chilly here too, still have to wait 3 weeks before planting tender seedlings outside.

  5. As usual your post and pictures are wonderful! I am so glad I discovered your site!

    1. Thank you Mr Rat! Pleasure is mine as well. :)