Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday Scrambled Ramblings

Easter bunny soft and white
Hopping quickly out of sight.
Thank you for the eggs you bring
At Easter time to welcome spring.

Happy Easter to all those that celebrate!

I got up this morning and I swear that Easter bunny has been to our house. There are chocolate filled eggs all over the house! I have to say I was a little surprised because although I know Easter bunny visits us every year, he usually leaves all his goodies hidden all over the yard. This year though, it looks like he spread his love inside our home.

I wonder why that would be. Does it have anything to do with the white stuff all over our garden? Could it be those snow showers that we were blessed with last night? The flurries are still falling. Or maybe the bunny was trying to hide from that bitter cold that engulfed us suddenly and mercilessly. I couldn't really blame him. Maybe it was all of the above.

Mother Nature is a great trickster and nobody, not even Easter bunny is safe from her mood swings.

From all the hard work that Easter bunny does, I really appreciate the extra love he leaves on the desk in my office every year. He always leaves a little something for my hubby too. Chocolate is not just for the kids, you know.

I guess I better go and wake up small and big rascals, or else, I'll start egg hunting all by myself.  I could eat some of this chocolate.



  1. So what plants do you have growing? (Glad the bunny did not eat them as it was putting eggs about.)

    1. Ha ha ha... For starters I'm growing tomatoes, kale and lettuce. Later on I will be planting a lot more.. pretty much anything that our family will eat. :)

  2. Gosh, who would have thought you'd get more snow this late . We get snow here sometimes in March but that's about it. I'm glad to see you had a good easter though.

    1. Thank you Harry. I'm hoping this is the last of winter... she needs to go away now. lol

  3. The Easter Bunny's no fool. Doesn't want cold feet.