Thursday, April 9, 2015

And the seedlings are growing

"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need."
Marcus Tullius Cicero

Oh, how much I love the quote above and I couldn't agree more with it.  If you have a garden, you have a food for your body and if you have a library, you have a food for your soul.  What else could you possibly need?

Happy Thursday everyone!  I hope this day is treating you well.  The weekend is just around the corner, hang in there.

In my neck of the woods, it's rain, rain and more rain.  Sometimes, like yesterday, freezing rain as well.  I don't know when was the last time I've seen sunshine.  It supposed to warm up but before it does, Mother Nature will torment us with cold and drown us with her tears.

Red lettuce seedlings on the right, blue kale to the left

I wanted to update you all on my little window garden today, because it's been over a week since I last talked about it and the seedlings continue growing.  Despite the doom and gloom outside every day, these little guys are doing just great.  All of the seedlings have now true leaves, meaning they have the leaves of an adult plant.  When they first come out of the soil, the first two leaves that appear are not true leaves and it takes a week or so for the true leaves to come in.  Now they all have their true leaves meaning the newborns have turned into the babies and all is well on the way to adult planthood.

The Russian kale is leading the pack with its enthusiasm for life, and the red lettuce is speckled with red colour which is a sure sign of happiness.  Tomatoes are also doing great with rainbow tomatoes looking the biggest and strongest so far.  The only plants that are doing only okay are the romaine lettuce seedlings.  They are a little thin and small and I would think they should be a little bigger by now. They are still growing but not as enthusiastically as the rest.  As I watch them grow, I can see that they struggle for light the most.  I'm happy that it will be warming up next week, so they can start enjoying spending time outside a little more where they will get enough light.

Russian kale

Last week we had couple of nice days, so I took my little seedlings out on the back porch to get some of that very much needed sunlight.  When they are inside, they are sitting right by the window, but because we have more cloudy than sunny days, even in the window there is not a lot of light.  That's why every chance I get I take my babies outside.  With tomatoes I have to be a little careful because they like warm weather so I don't take them outside unless it's sunny and temperature in the double Celsius digits (we had one day like that last week), but kale and lettuce are cool weather crops so I can be more liberal with them.

Tomato seedlings

At the same time as all my seedlings were getting their much needed sunbath outside, I also separated some plants that were growing together in one container.  I didn't separate them all yet, as you can see in the picture above, some tomatoes are still in pairs.  When I plant the seeds, I usually put two per container so that if one doesn't come out, there is always another one that might.  I had such a great success though, that most of my seeds germinated and now I have doubles and sometimes triples growing in each container.  I don't mind thinning the lettuce, I just pluck the doubles and triples for an instant tasty snack and leave just the strongest plants growing, but when it comes to tomatoes, I like to save every seedling that comes out.  I can't help it, besides, there is always a place in my garden for an extra tomato plant to grow.  Same thing with the kale.  Kale grows beautifully in containers so when I run out of the garden space, I put them in the container on my back porch.  I have a huge deck and it gets a lot of sun so no plant is complaining there.

Blue kale

Last but not least, I should mention my little baby apple trees.  Remember these?  They are doing very good as well and popping leaf after a leaf.  Since apples don't mind cold, I'll be able to take them outside very soon as well.

Apple tree seedling (Royal Gala seed)

If you remember, I also have apple seeds in the wet paper towel in the fridge.  It's said that they need four weeks of germination time and so far it's been just a little longer than two weeks.  I checked on them yesterday but there is still no sign of sprouting.  I'll continue checking, maybe something will happen eventually.

Since we are now entering a second week of April, I'll be planting more things soon.  Next week I'll start cucumbers, zucchini and brussels sprouts and start prepping potatoes for planting as well.  Busy times are coming and I'm all ready.

As usual I made a short video of my progress, because why not.  Check it out, I hope you enjoy it.



  1. Everything's looking so green and healthy!

  2. Your seedlings are coming up so nicely. I haven't planted mine yet. We keep having these cold days in between the warm ones. Today feels and looks like winter outside. Actually needed my gloves and winter coat. (Sigh) I know Spring is around someplace.

  3. You're seedlings are beautiful. I'm so ready for spring. It's been nothing but rain here either, so a little sun this weekend (fingers crossed) will be a welcome sight. Thanks for the little taste of spring!

  4. I am delighted by the pictures and enjoyed the video~ You are quite a gardener from the looks of it. I miss the old days when I had a large garden! Looking forward to seeing more as time passes. You have a wonderful site and I am enjoying spending time here looking at your older posts.

  5. I love it. I can't seem to get it together to get seedlings started in the house early for later planting.