Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Walking Dead: See you in the fall

"Luck runs out."
-Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead

And so does time.

On Sunday, the 90 minute finale closed yet another great season of The Walking Dead. This was my first time being all caught up knowing there is no next season episode I can just jump right into.  I only started watching The Walking Dead back in November 2014 and spent the next couple of months catching up, watching 2-3 episodes a day. Even though I don't like watching anything for hours on end, I really enjoyed myself this time. I fell in love with the show, the theme and the characters and I literally lived the show for a while.  Those were good times.

As I said it in my previous posts, to me this show is special and different from most other shows because it makes me reflect on life and death in a way that no others ever did. It is terribly ignorant to pretend that our world will always continue the way it is right now and that nothing will ever threaten our relatively safe existence. Our society is not invincible, we are not invincible and bad things can happen to good people. Civilizations have collapsed in the past and will collapse in the future. There is no way to tell for sure if it will happen during our lifetime although the signs could be there if we pay attention.

I watched the finale last night instead of Sunday because no matter how much I wanted to be in the middle of the action with other 14 million fans, I refused to be put through the torture of commercials. A great show like that is best watched uninterrupted.

All on its own without commercials the finale was just over an hour long and it was packed full of action. I sat at the edge of my seat several times throughout the show hoping for a good outcome and thank goodness I was not disappointed. I shudder to think what would happen if I was. Some of my dearest favourites dangled at the edge between life and death as it should be expected in the show like this. In the end the finale ended with a real bang and a nice cliff hanger, something that I think many Walking Dead fans hoped for and appreciated.

And how about my favourites?

At the end of the fifth season I have three strong favourites. Although I enjoy all the major characters,
some I like more than others.

 Daryl has been my favourite from season one and that has never changed. I love his persona and how he carries himself (and his crossbow, he he). He is a complex and emotionally intense character in a very intense and unforgiving world.

During the third season I began liking Carol quite a bit and during season 4 she emerged as my second favourite. A strong woman who stops at nothing to protect those that she loves, at the same time harbouring a dark side which she hides pretty well.  Carol and Daryl scenes are usually my favourite when they happen.

In season four, Rick has finally began shinning for me. Although undoubtedly the major character in the show, Rick Grimes has never been my favourite until recently. He was always brave and good but also a little soft and weak, especially in the earlier seasons. In season five he has finally become something I was waiting for. Some people say he is falling apart, I say he is undergoing a transformation.  I just hope he grows some of that beard back.  I looked good on him.

Rick, Daryl and Carol, these are my dearest favourites and let spoiler be a spoiler, they've all made it to season six. Thank AMC for that.



  1. I have never watched this show. My favorite is The Vikings and sadly they killed off my favorite character and the season is not done yet. Keeping fingers crossed that no more faves are done away with although I know in time they will be killed off as the show is somewhat following history.

    1. Oh Vikings... I watch that as well. You must be talking about Athelstan. He was one of my favourites too. I was just thinking at the beginning of that episode how much he has grown as a character and wondered what the show has in store for him... and then... he was dead. Or maybe you were talking about Siggy? Either way... Same thing is happening on The Walking Dead... You can never be sure what will happen to your favourites.

  2. Always thrilled to start following another Canuckian blogger! I look forward to getting to know your bloggy self better!