Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Scrambled Ramblings

“There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life.”
- Lin Yutang, The Importance Of Living

This weekend is going way too fast if you ask me.  Wasn't it Friday night just few hours ago?

Oh well, I'll go with the flow I guess and I'll have myself a pyjama day.  I ran all my errands yesterday and don't have anywhere to go today so right in my pyjama I'll stay and start my day with a cup of delicious tea.

Yesterday I went to my mailbox and found something wonderful in it.  My latest order of tea from Teavivre in China!  I've been waiting for this shipment for a while.  I ordered it in the middle of February and it usually takes 3 weeks for it to get here.  This time it was taking a little longer and I was beginning to get a little anxious.  Not to worry though, the tea arrived at last.

I ordered a pack of my all time favourite Dragonwell green tea and a brick of 2005 Fengqing Zhuan Cha Raw Pu'erh Brick tea which I tried a sample of few weeks back and loved it enough to order a whole brick.  This tea ages like a good wine, the longer the better.

There were two free samples that came with the order as well and it's no time like the present to try one of them out.  I decided to try Jasmine Raw Pu'erh Mini Toucha.  It's a raw pu'erh tea pressed into cute little cakes.  Quite adorable, really.

I steeped it at 86°C for 1 minute and 45 sec for my first steep and I will get more out of that without a doubt.  I'll have another cup after lunch.

The tea was delicious, smooth with a touch of astringency ever so present at the back of my tongue. Not too much but enough to let me know I'm drinking a tea.  I like that.  Surprisingly though, I found not enough jasmine notes for it to be called jasmine tea.  Either I'm used to stronger jasmine flavours or something was off with my senses today.  I'm inclined to think it's the first one.  Too bad really because I love jasmine in tea.

Tonight is the finale of the 5th season of the Walking Dead.  It's a 1.5 hours finale which adds a little sweet to the bitter flavour of having to part with this wonderful show for few months.  I won't be watching it tonight though, because I have no patience for commercials or even fast forwarding through them, so I'll be watching it tomorrow night once it's up on the internet.  I want no interruptions.

Image taken from
I love this show.  It makes me reflect on life in a way that no other show ever did.  Here in the West we are living in a fairytale land and most people have no idea how fast it could end.  I'm not saying zombies will come but you know, we are not invincible.



  1. Tea sounds tasty! I heard some horror stories about packages from China not arriving so I'm glad yours did. Enjoy the show, I'm sure it will be a good finale.

    1. Thank you! Yes I was beginning to get a little worried... but it all ended well. :)

      Finale will be da bomb. :D

  2. My 28 year old daughter likes tea, she drinks it at night after work to help relax. I tried it but it didn't work for me, I am more attuned to a shot of rum or Southern Comfort.

    The Walking Dead is a series I repeatedly hear cited as an impetus to thinking about preparedness. It was designed for entertainment but the concept of "what if all this infrastructure failed" it is based on has given many who watched it pause to reflect.

    1. there is never any reason for being scared about the future. Life is filled with blessings in both tea and between lines