Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Scrambled Ramblings

“I'd love to see a new form of social security ... everyone taught how to grow their own; fruit and nut trees planted along every street, parks planted out to edibles, every high rise with a roof garden, every school with at least one fruit tree for every kid enrolled.” 
- Jackie French, New Plants from Old

Russian kale seedling
Where did the time go?  I can't believe it's already Sunday and the March break is over.  It was a great week though, full of restful nights, wonderful slow mornings, outdoor activities and first seeds planting.  I am grateful for every single moment.

The seeds that I have planted earlier in the week have been making some wonderful progress. Most of the seeds broke the ground yesterday.  Russian kale, dinosaur kale, romaine lettuce and red lettuce are all out.  The first seed to spring to life was Russian kale and that happened on Friday night, the first day of spring and only three days after planting.  It was a happy moment in the house upon discovery.

Tomato seeds will be taking a little longer, they need on average 5-7 days or even more depending on the conditions.  The temperature in the office is on the lower end of the scale for germination at most times so I wouldn't be surprised if they took a full week or little more to come out. 

I mentioned yesterday that to honour the International Day of Forests I've set up some apple seeds for germination in my fridge.  It turns out that was not all I did.  As I was cutting an apple yesterday afternoon, some seeds fell out and two of them were already in the process of sprouting. I decided to put together a short video about apple seeds planting and involved Angelina in the process. She helped me plant the already sprouting seeds and was very happy to take part in this short video. Check it out.

As I'm writing this I'm enjoying my Sunday tea.  Today I'm having Dark Roast 10 Year Aged Tieguanyin from Verdant Tea.  It's a roasted oolong that has been aged for 10 years and it's one of my favourite special teas. Its fragrant roasty aroma and mild full bodied flavour with a hint of caramel always makes me crave for more.  There is only a little bit left on the bottom of the package which tells me it's time to restock soon. And that I shall do.  Namaste.


  1. I loved reading this. It was very inspiring to me. I really love the quote that you share at the beginning and wish it could come true.
    Thanks so much for sharing your link in my weekly linky. I hope you will share more in the future.

    1. Thank you Marsha! And thank you for stopping by my blog. I think what is said in the quote makes so much sense and it's so easily attainable... only governments and corporations don't like the idea. In Toronto, a year or two ago, some people planted fruit and veggies in the park. The city ordered their workers to come and uproot it all. There was a huge backlash but they didn't care. Free food was not allowed I guess.

  2. I like thick black coffee. Nothing like that to keep you going.

    I didn't know it was a "day of the forests" but I am all for it, I live in the middle of one of them and I worry constantly they will log it, or the feds will trade it off to some crook politicians shell company for development.

    1. I can feel your pain Harry... I don't live in the middle of forest but I live in the country and I see a lot of farms and other open fields being swallowed by development. It's heartbreaking. For now our little area is safe but if they come any closer, my hubby and I will book it for the real boonies. I don't like how close we are to the city.