Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Scrambled Ramblings

"We've begun to raise daughters more like sons... but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters." 
― Gloria Steinem

Happy Sunday everyone and to the beautiful ladies Happy Women's Day!  I'm including a photograph of the adorable bleeding heart straight from last year's garden just for you all.  Soon they will be blossoming again. :)

I've decided to change my Sunday posts name from Sunday Reflections to Sunday Scrambled Ramblings.  I've seen another blog post with the name Sunday Reflection and I just don't feel right copy catting other ladies titles. Besides, my Sunday posts are usually a collection of scrambled ramblings anyway. :D

So many things are happening today.  We have the Women's Day and the Spring Forward, the weather outside is finally warming up and there is a mega icicle hanging from our roof.

I have beautiful memories from my childhood of Women's Day.  My Dad always showed up with flowers for all the girls in our household and treated us like queens for a day.  Well, he always treated us like queens but for that one day it was even more special.  My Dad is a special kind of man like that.  If I remember anything growing up it was utmost respect and love that he's given all of us. Words cannot describe how much I love him.

Daylight Savings Time has arrived and with it the annual robbery of  an entire hour.  I have mixed feelings about that.  Today is Sunday so most of us won't feel much difference but tomorrow might be a different story.  This morning was better than I thought though, I woke up right on time when I wanted to, 9 am to be exact.  I would have gotten up earlier but I was having some interesting dreams I wanted to dream longer.  I came close to dying at some point but found a way out.  Why don't we ever die in our dreams?  

Outside still doesn't look like spring but it's beginning to get a little warmer.  Today the beautiful sun is shining and the temperature is hovering just below freezing.  The anticipation for this upcoming week's spring weather is building.  We are expected to hit 7°C Tuesday and Wednesday.  I don't think I remember anymore what that feels like.  Is it time to get out our bathing suits and hit the beach?

Talking about warmer weather, I wonder what's going to happen to that monster icicle  hanging from our roof.  This one is quite a bit longer than the 5 foot icicle I found two weeks ago.  Will it grow longer or will it crash land on our deck?  We'll just have to wait and see.  I would like to break it off and take a picture of myself next to it but I'm not quite sure how to accomplish that given its length and the fact that it's hanging off of the roof.  I think that would have to be a two person job.  I couldn't help but to make a short video of it, check it out.

Have yourself a wonderful Sunday friends!  And don't forget to move your clocks forward if you haven't done so yet. 



  1. I got up at 7:30 am but it wasn't really late for me. When you counted back that extra hour, I got up at the same time. Loving this weather and the feeling of spring in the air. Getting ready for some Sp;ring decorating. Hoping it will lighten my mood.

    Those bleeding hearts are absolutely gorgeous. I miss my outdoor garden, but things are looking better here with my indoor garden. I am finally gaining a green thumb.

    1. Oh yes friend, the spring is coming... it is coming. :)