Saturday, March 28, 2015

Of chilly mornings and window garden progress

"Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes." 
~Author Unknown

Oh, the glorious Saturday morning, how much I love thee!

Good morning friends, I hope this day finds you in great health and spirit and you're enjoying your weekend.

From my vantage point where I'm sitting right now, this Saturday morning is amazing.  The sun has finally come out after three days of absence and graced us with its beautiful rays.  If I was to step outside though, my enthusiasm would quickly freeze to death in my chest.  It's a mind boggling -11°C right now feeling more like -20°C with the wind chill.  All I can do is scratch my head, wonder what happened to spring and stay inside.

My seedlings are doing great and will be enjoying the much needed sunshine throughout today. They have no sneaking suspicion of what is actually happening outside right now. Mother Nature better stop her trickery soon because the seedlings are growing fast and will want to enjoy the great outdoors eventually.  I made a quick video about my little babies couple of days ago and last night while reviewing the video I can already see the difference in growth.  Some true leaves are already making an appearance.  I will update again once the true leaves fully come out which will be at the end of next week probably.

Today I found an evidence that my kitty cats have been sneaking in nibbles on the kale seedlings behind my back.  I don't blame them, kale sprouts are very delicious but this cannot continue.  There is one kale seedling that had one of the first leaves chewed off.  I'm not exactly sure which kitty cat did that but I'll have to make sure my seedlings are never left alone with the cats again.  I never left them alone in the office for long periods of time, just few minutes here and there.  I guess the moment I'm out those little rascals get right to the work.

Planting a garden brings a lot of joy but the moment the seedlings are out they are in danger of being eaten.  First inside the house by the cats, then outside the house by all kinds of critters.  It's never a dull moment, I swear.



  1. Happy Saturday. Haven't started my window sill herb garden yet. Still too cold. They are even predicting some light snow later on today. Spring, where are you?

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Cold here too, with a chilly wind blowing. I'm staying inside.