Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Kitty Corner

Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does any harm to ask for what you want. 
~Joseph Wood Krutch

Good morning my friends and happy Friday!  I am sure looking forward to the weekend and the glorious sleep in time.  Tonight I can stay up as long as I feel like it and tomorrow I can sleep in as long as I feel like it. There is nothing better than that. Freedom on both ends.

I'm even more excited about the prospect of Saturday sleep in because for the last few days the weather has not been cooperating. Today it's a third consecutive morning without sun which makes getting up that much more difficult.  It's dark and gloomy and big clouds hang in the air threatening us with something.   We've had rain for the past two days and this morning we are told to expect flurries. There are even some on the ground already, I guess they have fallen during the night.  The temperature, we are told, will hold steady below freezing today.  Lovely.

With the weather being the way it's been this week, the kitty cats have not been having a very good time.  They already got used to us being outside and them being able to explore the yard, sniff around and nibble on some leftover growth from last year.  Last week we were outside almost every day, planting first seedlings and basking in the sun.  This week we got none of that.  The temperature has been hovering just below the freezing mark and when it went up a little bit two days ago, the rain came.

And the kitty cats just don't understand.

Everyday after their breakfast they run to the back door and expect me to open it and let them outside
and let myself outside so that we can enjoy the wonderful outdoors together.

But the door stays closed.

Unless I'm going outside as well and it's warm enough to leave the back door open, I prefer for them to stay indoors. I like knowing where they are and what they are doing because we are close to our neighbours and some of them don't want to have strange cats in their backyards.  Oliver never wanders off of our property but Hercules, although pretty good at staying mostly on our property, does like to wander off sometimes and I like to be able to be outside and call him from time to time to make sure he doesn't go too far. Cats are cats and will go off on their pursuits but it doesn't mean they can roam completely free and do whatever they want.  Maybe one day when we move deeper into the country and have larger property, they'll have more freedom.

For now and at least another couple of days, the kitty cats and I will be destined for the indoors. There is really not much to do in the yard right now because snow and ice still cover large parts of it and the ground have frozen again in the past few days.  Maybe on Sunday when it warms up to a balmy 2°C and the sun comes out, we'll go out into the yard and have a little fun.  My hands are itching to get things going in the yard, do a clean up and have a first big spring fire.



  1. I guess cabin fever is affecting everybody including the fur babies. It was actually in the 60's yesterday in my area and I was loving it, but we're supposed to have more snow tomorrow.

    I'm not sure if you're still watching The Walking Dead, but the season finale is Sunday. I can't wait!

    1. Of course I am watching the Walking Dead! :D I really didn't like the way the last episode ended and I'm really curious how it gets resolved... I'll miss the show once is finished for the season. However... The spin of is coming this summer, have you heard of it? Fear the Walking Dead it's called. The trailer for it will be released after the finale of The Walking Dead this Sunday.

  2. It has turned cold and nasty here as well. I had started taking the ferrets out and letting them play in the meadow, but now they have to stay inside. They go to the door and stand there patiently, until they realize they aren't getting out, then they go push over a vase or push a book off the shelf. Passive resistance.

    1. Ha ha ha... those little.. weasels! :D That's pretty funny.

  3. Oh Kamyria, I know exactly what you mean about getting up and facing another day without sunshine. Same situation here. And sleeping in so SOOOO divine, isn't it? Enjoy it! The very first kitty shown looks SO MUCH like my beloved Honey Cat of 17 years. We lost her last May 6. Her one year anniversary will be coming up. I miss her with all my heart. So glad you have your kitties to enjoy. Susan

    1. Kitties can steal hour hearts and it's difficult when they are gone, isn't it? ((Hugs))