Monday, March 23, 2015

Back to school and early rising

“Alarm clocks were going off in the city now. One after another, sometimes two or three together, they drove their small silver knives into the body of the great dream that sprawled naked on the housetops. Sensual, amiable, and defenseless as it was, it would still take a little while to die.” 
- Peter S. Beagle, A Fine and Private Place

Just like that, the March break is over and it's back to early mornings for everyone in our cozy abode.  Even though it is not easy for a night owl like myself to wake up before 7 am it is not all doom and gloom any more.  The sun is rising a little earlier now so my wake up time is once again at dawn instead of in complete darkness. Also, waking up at this time gives me an opportunity to witness a beautiful sunrise and that is enough to get me out of bed.  There is something about the sunny spring mornings that I find irresistible. They make me all warm and fuzzy inside and fill me with loads of wonderful energy.

This week of March break really made a difference for me. One wouldn't think that nine days period would matter all that much but it did.  It gave me an opportunity to catch up on some sleep lost due to the spring time change and the sun now rises 15 minutes earlier than it did before the March break. 15 minutes makes a big difference in the morning.  Unfortunately same thing cannot be said for my daughter Angelina who loves to sleep in until noon when she can.  Getting her off to school was not an easy task this morning.

Despite the beautiful sunshine, it is not as nice as it looks. We are in the midst of an arctic blast again with temperatures plunging to below freezing for the last couple of days. It is actually -10°C right now with the windchill of -17°C.  It is not the kind of weather where you would want to tear yourself away from a warm bed and head outside. Hopefully this freeze will come to an end tomorrow as it is forecasted. We've had time to adjust to warmer temperatures already and biting bitter cold like this is not a welcome visitor.

I surely hope this chill is a temporary one and the temperatures continue their rise upward.  The
whole garden is waiting to be planted and I sure hope that happens on time.  All the seedlings I planted last week are now out, including the tomatoes I was waiting for.  They broke through the soil last night which means it took them only five days to sprout.  I guess the temperature in my office was toasty enough for them.  Words cannot describe my happiness right now. I keep going and looking at my little babies. That's what they are to me... my little babies.



  1. I'm always up at dawn. That and sunset are my favorite times of the day. We are expecting snow in North Georgia later in the week, maybe that's your artic blast reaching us.

    1. Apparently some snow supposed to visit us as well. Stay warm! I hope your plants will do ok. :)