Monday, February 9, 2015

The Walking Dead Returns

I don’t know why I do the things I do. Never did. I’m a damn mystery to me.”
Merle Dixon, The Walking Dead

After two long months of absence, The Walking Dead returned last night amid great fan anticipation and joy. Millions of people around North America can once again tune in weekly to the new adventures of the handful of heroes in the apocalyptic world where zombies lurk around every corner and humans pose as much danger to fellow humans as zombies if not more.

I don't normally watch TV. I have couple of shows that I enjoy watching and The Walking Dead is one of them.  I can say with absolute certainty though, that it is my favourite show of all time.

I got an itch to watch it about a year ago when the show was in its fourth season but I ignored it. I never thought myself to be big on zombies, but at the same time I don't shy away from death related subjects and apocalyptic themes get my blood flowing every time.  I still remember the impression that Stephen King's "Cell" made on me, the book that hooked me on King and the book that I read in three short days.  I was not happy when I finished and no other book was able to measure up for some time.  The Walking Dead seemed like something I would enjoy as well but I didn't give it much thought at first.

Two months ago I saw a snapshot from The Walking Dead of a guy with a crossbow on his back.  Zombies and crossbows?  Now, that's taking it to the next level.  I have a thing for crossbows you see and archery is high on my to do list.  I finally decided to give The Walking Dead a try and after just one episode I was helplessly hooked.

Was it the zombies, was it the redneck with a crossbow or was it the apocalyptic world deprived of order and any semblance of security that kept me glued to the screen day after day after day?

The answer is a little bit of all three I guess, but mostly it's the scrambled world that has me coming back for more.  Part of me lives vicariously through this show.  This might be outrageous to admit, but guess what, it is true and I'm not the only one.  There are many like me out there that have become disillusioned with today's world, the security, the order, the control, and the giant hamster wheel we are all living in and propelling every single day.

We have turned the world on its head and I'm not sure what is it going to take to bring us back in touch with humanity and Mother Nature.  If it's an apocalypse, then so be it.  Bring it on.  I'm not scared.