Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow Day!

Schools close, roads disappear, grown men weep...
Hal Branston, Snow Day (2000)

I got my wish.  Yesterday's storm brought lots of snow and today for all the kids in my neck of the woods it is a snow day.  No school, which meant another day of sleeping in.  Glorious times!

Most of the snow fell overnight, so as for me getting out there in the middle of the storm and getting some snapshots, that didn't happen yesterday.  I'm happy with the amount of snow we got however and I can't wait to get out hiking this week.  It will be gorgeous and that much more magical, I'm sure.

My hubby wasted no time getting dressed this morning and getting out there to clear our driveway.  I watched him through the window for a little while before I got jealous and decided to get dressed and get out in the white stuff myself.

It was brutally cold but fun!  While my hubby was playing with his snowblower, I took a walk around the house to see how much snow we got.

It wasn't extraordinary amount but it was enough to make walking a bit hard.  The snow was reaching just up to my knee; I would say we got about a foot.  The neighbourhood transformed into a winter wonderland and everyone was busy digging themselves out of this magical fluff.

My youngest daughter Angel woke up and decided to take advantage of the snow day as well.  She brought Hercules with her who was curious of the outdoors at first...

... but quickly lost his enthusiasm and begged to be let back into the house.  We took a pity on the little fella and obliged.  After all, he had a little trouble getting around.

Angel and I stayed longer and decided to do some snow angels... ha ha ha... Can't let all this snow go undisturbed.
Angel in the snow
Angel's snow angel :D
My snow angel

These snow angels were fun but easier said than done.  With so much snow, it was hard to move arms and legs in it.  And when it came time to getting up... well... let's just say it wasn't easy without disturbing the angel which was the whole purpose why I fell into the snow in the first place. :D

What a fun day!  Looks like February is off to a good start and I hope it brings a lot more snow.  You see, I'm not crazy about the winter but North is where I live and I might as well get used to it.  And while we're at it, if it must be cold, at least let it be cold with a lot of snow.  It looks beautiful and allows for some fun. Brutal cold without snow is ... well... just brutal.



  1. Great post. We didn't get that much snow yet, but I sure enjoyed seeing those snow angels. Stay warm out there... :)