Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mr. Bunny lives under my gazebo

"Surviving winter is easier once you realize it's simply a matter of providing your own sunshine."
- Susan Gale

Another gorgeous although cold morning in my neck of the woods. I absolutely love watching the brilliant rising sun caress the undisturbed white sparkling snow.  It's so beautiful, it really makes one want to get outside right that second, only to remember it's nearly -30°C with the biting windchill. Still, something to look at nevertheless.

It's a good thing that I took the pictures of these strange wiggly snow tracks when I did yesterday, because just an hour later they were all gone. The winds picked up, the snow started blowing and the tracks were wiped from existence in a matter of a short hour.  If it wasn't for the pictures I would think this was all a figment of my imagination.

And what about those other tracks I mentioned yesterday? Well, these keep getting wiped out too but they reappear with amazing persistence every morning. Not only that, I see the owner of these tracks almost every single day when I wake up and he is cute as a button.

Meet Mr. Bunny.  He lives under my gazebo and he is really tough.  I've seen him on the coldest mornings with snow blowing, just sitting and chilling like that.

I've assumed that it's a male but in reality I have no idea. What I do know is that Mr Bunny makes regular rounds in my garden every morning and munches on any vegetation that is still sticking out of the snow. He's been working especially diligently on brussels sprouts and kale plants. All the leftover leaves which I didn't pick are gone now.  I'm glad I was able to leave some to help this little guy to survive this tough winter.

As a thank you gesture, Mr Bunny has been leaving whole bunch of little presents everywhere he goes and I couldn't be more thrilled.  Rabbit poop is a premium fertilizer and I'm getting mine for free with new deliveries every day!  Rabbit poop is great because unlike manure from chickens, cows, horses and other farm animals, it is considered "cold" manure and it does not have to be composted before it can be used.  That means that the moment Mr Bunny deposits his presents in my garden, these wonderful little time release capsules start to work their magic on my soil and slowly, over time, provide it with nutrients needed for new plants to thrive and provide us all with food.  

This is Mother Nature's own reward system at its best and right on my doorstep.  Everyone contributes.  I till the soil and plant the veggies which feed us all and help the bunny survive the winter, who in turn fertilizes the soil for the new plants to grow and prosper in the new season.  And then we start all over again.  You just gotta love it.

Now that I think of it, it's been so brutally cold here for the past couple of weeks that Mr Bunny and some crows are the only wildlife that I've seen in my garden for the last little while.  I don't even remember when was the last time I've seen a squirrel and we have whole bunch of them here.  I guess they are all huddled together, away in their nests, surviving the bitter cold and dreaming of warmer days.  

Hopefully it's not too long now.

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