Thursday, February 19, 2015


Sometimes stuff happens and you might not like it.  Acknowledge it and move on.  Present moment is to precious to be wasted on disappointment.
- Kamyria

Brutal cold is back with us today after a day of break.  There isn't much wind to go with it but even the still air is so cold it freezes the breath right in the chest.

Angelina is staying home from school today because she ran a fever last night and is not feeling so well this morning.  I think extra time in bed and plenty of rest is in order today.

And she is not the only one that is not at her best.

You see, 15 year old trucks do break sometimes.  It's not that surprising.  Long years of faithful service and the resulting wear and tear do take the toll.  Connections break, fluids leak and I can only hope that the heart keeps beating as long as possible.  That's the most important thing.

This is why, when my son came to me yesterday morning and announced that our elderly Ford Expedition was making strange sounds, I was a little disappointed but not surprised.  With the kind of weather we've been having recently, days of extreme bitter cold and mounds of snow piling up, one almost expects the old truck to rebel eventually.  In our case it did just that.

We suspected the power steering leak and when my hubby moved the truck we knew for sure.  Our truck bled something awful onto the snow covered driveway, something deep red in colour.  The trusted oldie had burst a vein for real.

The mechanic confirmed what we already knew.  Power steering it was.  To our greatest joy, the Expedition was all stitched up and ready to come home by mid afternoon.

Then the mind boggling thing happened.

I found myself stuck in the middle of the road, backing out of the driveway in our second truck.  The one year old baby Jeep. The thing just simply wouldn't move.  Some electrical warning light flashed wildly and the engine light came on.

You must be kidding me.  Second truck in one day?

After turning it off and back on again, I was finally able to move but the engine light remained on for the rest of the day. It's still on today.  It seems our Jeeper Creeper has to go to the car doctor too.

I've never had the pleasure of taking a one year old vehicle into repair service, but I guess there is always a first time for everything.

Tough Canadian winter or crappy engineering?

Moving on.

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