Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Reflections

Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them. 
 ~John Shirley

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope today finds you in great health and spirit and and the weekend is treating you well.

Another week has gone by and another weekend is nearly over. Why must time fly so fast?

Outside we are finally gifted with a mild weather although we can't celebrate much. It's only for one day. The warmth arrived last night, rather suddenly, together with gusting winds which pounded the windows and made us jump from time to time.

Few hours later and a lot of snow of the ground has melted.  Too bad the rest is now going to freeze as we'll be dropping below zero Celsius tonight and staying there for a while.

Speaking of milder temps, I'm considering going out for a short nature walk this afternoon.  We have a creek running through our little town, surrounded by wooded area and a large park nearby with beautiful pond right in the middle.  I'm not sure which one I'll pick but I just feel like I need to be out there.  Nature is calling my name I guess.

As I'm contemplating this lovely day, Hercules is lounging beside me and my tea is cooling on
the table.

Today I picked something new to try, one of the samples from Mandala Tea I got a little while back. It's called Golden Turtle Oolong and it's quite delicious. Smooth, nutty with flowery notes, it really hits the spot.

Drinking tea reminds me of the cookies that would go great with it. More specifically, peanut butter cookies which I've been having such a craving for lately.  I just might make some later today.



  1. Your cat is so adorable and I just love that name, Hercules. (I loved the animated movie, too.) The area where you walk sounds wonderful. I am also admiring your tea cup and saucer... so pretty. I'm a big fan of oolong tea, too. The kind that I currently have is Twinings China Oolong tea. My youngest daughter was the one who first told me about it and I've been drinking it ever since. I even posted about it back in November... :)

    1. Thank you Dee! I picked the name Hercules because I really liked the sound of it, but he certainly lived up to this name. He is one of the strongest cats I've met. LOL Even vet commented on that every time I had to bring Hercules in. Ha ha ha...

      I'm going to check out your Novemeber post. :)