Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday Afternoon with Terence McKenna

"The soul is the vehicle that you do take with you into whatever dimensions of continuity exist beyond this mortal coil, so instead of balancing and replacing the tires on your Porsche, you should be balancing and replacing the tires on your after-death vehicle. After all, that's the one that's going to have to serve you well in the clinches, you see."
- Terence McKenna

I've seen and heard the clip below so many times but I never get tired of it.  It contains a great dose of mystical realism and emanates wisdom which is severely lacking in the modern world.

We need more Terence McKennas out there appealing to our sense of humanity which undoubtedly fading.  Materialism got its grip, money is the God everyone bows down to and the end result is that some people have way too much material wealth and some not nearly enough. There is so little willingness to help one another that I find it heartbreaking. I don't have to go far either, there are plenty of examples in my immediate environment. Greed is all around me staring me in the face.

Just yesterday I found out about the severance packages that Target will be paying out to their soon to be ex-employees. Just in case you haven't heard, Target is closing all of its 133 locations across Canada. After two years of business they've lost few billion dollars and decided to throw in a towel.

Now for a doozy.

Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel walked out last May with 61 million dollars in severance pay after a disastrous performance that saw him resign.  On the other hand, Target's 17,600 regular employees who are about to lose their jobs, will get 56 million in severance pay collectively.

Let's go over that again. 

One person gets 61 million while the other 17,600 people get $3181 per head.  This is only one small example of a world gone seriously wrong. Why we are not out there with pitchforks yet, I will never know.

Target is only one example but there are many all around us.  Those that have enough material wealth don't want to share with those less fortunate and we can't just blame the filthy rich.  We do it to each other too.  We push and shove our way through life thinking that those who die with most toys win. We perpetuate and defend this madness.

Massive change in mentality is long overdue.

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