Thursday, January 1, 2015

Of New Year day reflections and filling the blank page

Welcome to 2015 my dear friends!

I was reading other blogs this morning and somebody mentioned first day of 2015 being a first page in 365 page book.  That's so true for the blogs, isn't it?  2014 has gone into the archives and when I submit this post a number 2015 will be created, and a first page in the new book will be filled.  I started this blog in December and I managed 23 posts.  Lets hope that by the time 2015 ends there will be 365 posts listed.  That's my hope but I'll take it day by day and allow this blog to develop naturally.

Today I'm writing my post late because I had the most wonderful time sleeping in until 12:30. Although I love sleeping in, I don't know when was the last time I slept in this late.  It kind of feels great and a little rebellious.  My hubby was laughing when he saw me get up.  Last night I stayed up with my children until 5 am talking, playing games and being silly.  Time well spent!

The moon at midnight of 2014/2015
When the clock hit the midnight we toasted, wished each other all the best and waited to see if any fireworks pop out in the neighbourhood.  We live in the small community but some people around us like to set off fireworks on special occasions.  We could hear them last night but unfortunately we couldn't see them.  What I saw instead was the most beautiful sight in the sky.  The moon, although not full was very bright, illuminating a dark sky filled with intense and fast moving clouds.  I snapped a photo and I didn't do it half justice but it counts for something.

Today I feel a little sad because the holidays are officially coming to an end.  We've had such a wonderful time that I wouldn't mind if it continued a little longer.  In a way it will because my youngest daughter is not going to school until Monday but my son is leaving our house tonight.  I wish he didn't have to.

Now it's time to go and tend to my youngest who just got up few minutes ago.  I'll make her something delicious to eat and then I'll play Skyrim with my son for a little bit.  He's not leaving until 7 pm so we'll make the time count.

Have most wonderful New Year friends!  Rest, drink, eat and be merry!  Bless you all.

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