Saturday, January 17, 2015

Be Not So Fearful

Today I want to share with you a song that I find very inspirational. I first heard it during an episode of the Walking Dead and it stuck with me ever since.  It's a remake of the original song written and performed by Bill Fay back in 1971.  It connects with me on a very profound level. I listen to it whenever I'm in emotional distress and in need of reassurance. It is sad but surprisingly comforting song and as someone said before me, almost like a lullaby for a scared child.

We humans are scared of everything.  I'm generalizing here but I hope you catch my drift.  We are scared of our past. We are scared of our future. We are scared of various gods. We are scared of death. We are scared of what other people might think of us. We are scared of our own thoughts. We are riddled with guilt and various regrets. We have made our lives more complicated than it should be and we don't even realize that.

This song is so simple but it does something amazing.  It helps me reach into the uncharted depths of my subconscious and reveal the absurdity of my guilt and my fears.

And then I live again.

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