Sunday, December 14, 2014

That Perfect Tree (continued)

First of all let me tell you that even though the title of this post is "That Perfect Tree", I don't believe anything in this life is perfect.  When I talk about the perfect tree, I mean a tree that perfect for me even with all its flaws.

Yesterday was all about the tree hunting adventure.   There was five of us: my hubby, three of my children and I.

The weather gods were smiling on us.  The temperature was mild and there wasn't a lot of snow on the ground.  I was grateful because at this time of the year it can be pretty bad sometimes.

When we got to the farm my hubby dropped us of at the parking lot.  We walked around for a while but couldn't find any trees of the right size.  There was a lot of small trees growing everywhere but we needed 6-7 foot tall one.  I think our favourite farm is running out of bigger trees.

We hopped into the truck and moved to another location on the same farm.  Here the selection was still small but there were few trees worth consideration.  One in particular caught our eye.  It was a Colorado Spruce and it had thick, healthy and abundant needles.  For me, it was perfect and the rest of the family agreed.

Hubby grabbed his chainsaw and swiftly cut the tree.  He cut it so swiftly that he didn't stop to think how much off the ground the tree should be cut.  This was not a very tall tree and its height should have been maximised by cutting it as close to the ground as possible.  Hubby chopped it a little too high and we lost several inches.  I wasn't too happy about that.  Men and their chainsaws, what can I say.

It's no use to cry over spilt milk though.  What's done is done and we had to move on.  We took the tree to the wrapping station where the tree was secured in a mesh and bound to the roof of the truck. When that was done we enjoyed some hot apple cider and hot chocolate by the little fire they had built.

Once we got home it was all about getting the tree set up and decorated.  We all participated in that and once it was done we were exhausted but happy.  It looks beautiful and smells so good.

We have all sorts of decorations on the tree.  Some store bought and many hand crafted.  There are candy canes hanging and apples too as well as many pine cones which my youngest daughter and I have found and decorated over the years.  Her snowflake cat in the hat found its special spot in the middle of the tree as well.

Merry Christmas and Happy Yule to all!

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