Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Gothy Picks For Under The Tree

"We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones."
- Stephen King

I won't be receiving traditional Christmas gifts this year.  Instead, I am asking my family for a small donation of money which I want to put together and donate to the homeless shelter.  Either that or I'll buy food with this money and donate it to the food bank.  I haven't decided yet.

Just because I'm not expecting anything, doesn't mean that I can't window shop and fantasize.  Here I've put together a list of 10 picks which I think would be awesome gifts for a gothy/witchy person like myself.  Maybe you will find them interesting.

$54.13 CAD 

I love the shape of this parasol and the bat on the side is a nice addition.

$45.54 USD

Purple and black is my favourite colour combination.  Combine that with the lovely shape and the bats on the side and this is one gorgeous piece.

$28.00 USD

I love skulls and this one is beyond cool.  I think it would be a great addition to any goth's desk

$4.99 USD

Ravens are my favourite birds.  Having them on my nails would be amazing.  My birthday is coming up soon.  Maybe this should be my own little gift to myself.

$285.00 USD

This one is simply too expensive but I had to list it.  I adore creepy dolls and this one is one unique looking one.  Beautiful art but not for my pocket.

$11.64 CAD

I don't have a wall calendar for my office yet and this will be my selection for the upcoming year.  I will probably order it as part of a birthday gift to myself

$11.25 CAD

One cannot get the Witches' Calendar without getting this datebook too.  I've been planning to get something similar so why not get this one.

$25.50 USD

In the winter I love to put arm warmers under my sweater sleeves.  These particular ones have a great design with buttons and lace.  They look great!

$21.38 CAD

This bag is fun, gothy and practical. I love the design.

$21.99 CAD

I was stunned when I found this.  A dragon stapler?  Really?  How totally awesome is this! I hope the stapler I currently have breaks down some time soon.

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