Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Thoughts on New Year Resolutions

"I want to focus more on living within the moment. I feel like throughout most of my life, I have been guilty of constantly worrying about what comes next. If we spend every waking moment ten steps ahead, it can be easy to miss the beauty of what's right in front of us. I vow to take my time and just enjoy the now while I still can and not wait to reminisce about experiences I may have missed by being preoccupied with hypothetical tomorrows"
Frank Iero's New Year Resolution

With the New Year around the corner, many of us are busy making our New Year resolutions.  We set goals with high hopes that this year we won't break them.

I used to make New Year resolutions as well.  I really meant to keep them but somehow it never worked out the way I wanted, no matter how committed I thought I was.  After several weeks, the excitement was gone and all that remained was a goal that turned into a chore.

New Year resolutions are a thing of a past for me.  New Year is just that.  A new year. It's not a new start, it's not a new beginning with any special meaning.  It's just another number added to the calendar of our lives, another 12 months we'll journey through. Do I want to spend these 12 months doing things I don't care for but think I should?  Heck no.

This year instead of making unrealistic goals that I know I won't keep, I promise myself to live more in the moment. Instead of trying to change my life, I accept my life the way that it is and rejoice in the NOW. Often times we put such emphasis on the future, that we miss the precious moments of the present.

No more.


  1. I have my list of things that I STILL want to change in my life--quit smoking, get organized, declutter, those types of things. Then I have a list of the things that I want to so as far as my earnings in hopes of raising those.

  2. Good luck on your goals Marsha!!