Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Cat Likes His Space

"I just need some space to be who I am".  
- A Better Me lyrics

I don't blame him.  I like my space too.

They say that pets usually look like their owners but I think that there is more to it than it meets the eye.

Do our pets mold to our various personality traits or do we somehow find each other in this peculiar world?  This is a question I would like to find an answer to.

Hercules loves to spend time with me.  He follows me everywhere I go around the house.  He is there when I watch the movie, read a book or eat the dinner.  He is sleeping in the chair beside me as I type these words.  If I walk into the room and close the doors, he will sit there until I get up and let him in.

He doesn't however like to be crowded.  Just like me.

I've tried this a million times.  If I sit right beside him, to the point that we touch, he re-adjusts himself to regain the space I just stole from him.  If I don't honour his need for space and insist on invading, he simply gets up and leaves.  Just to mess with him I like to smother him with hugs and kisses sometimes.  Oh, does he ever struggle to get away!

To some he may seem like an ungrateful cat but to me it's understandable.  I don't like to be crowded either.

When the time is right, he comes along and hops onto my lap for a little snuggle time or nestles himself into the nook on the bed right beside me as I fall asleep at night.

Sometimes it's on his terms.  And it's all right.

Hercules on the chair beside me as I type this post.

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