Friday, December 26, 2014

My cat got a box for Christmas

When shopping for Christmas presents for our loved ones we can't forget about our four legged friends. The stores have plenty of toys for variety of pets, and cats are no exception. I looked at many different options for toys that I would hope Hercules would like but wasn't sure about any of them. Hercules is picky and most of the toys don't interest him. While other cats play with almost anything on the floor, Hercules just lies there looking at them with pity.

He has one weakness though... Hercules loves boxes.

Many cats love boxes but Hercules is obsessed with them. He notices every box that arrives in the house and tries to get his paws on it.  He sniffs it, brushes against it and tries to fit into it no matter what its size.  Here are some pics.

There really was no use buying a toy that he probably won't play with and which will turn into another useless clutter in the house. Cardboard box on the other hand is sure to provide loads of fun for Hercules, costs nothing and can be easily recycled when no longer needed.

I found the perfect box in the recycle dumpster of our local bookstore.  I nearly fell in when trying to retrieve it which I'm sure it would have been quite a sight. Angelina and I decorated it the day before Christmas Eve with his name and some loving phrases.  Please note that "fatty" is not meant to be offensive, but rather loving acknowledgement of the fact that sometimes he eats so much food that he grows a second chin.  Hercules loves his food.

The box has been a hit so far. I find Hercules taking a nap in it quite often. That's just shows to prove that sometimes the best things in life come without a price tag.

I woke him up from a nap.  He doesn't look impressed, does he?


  1. HA HA HA HA! Gotta love our feline babies!!! Hercules is too adorable! We once had a gray female tabby who was also obessed with boxes ... of ANY size! She once found a way to craw into a Delux Uno card box! Hysterical pic, I assure you!

    Thanks for sharing the great pics!

    1. Ha ha ha, omg that must have been hilarious! Yes, gotta love our kitty cats, they are the best!